Are you experiencing erectile function issues? 

Nearly half the men aged 40 to 70 experience these issues. Now there is a safe, painless, drug free option for you.


vigoreWhat is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), sometime called impotence, is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection that is sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. Many men experience this at some point in their lives.


What causes ED?

ED can have many causes that are either physical or psychological. Reduction of bloody supply to the penis is mainly due to arterial sclerosis. Reduced blood supply is the most common physical cause of erectile dysfunction.



Click here to read cricket legend, Ian Botham’s recent success with Vigore treatment

What is Vigore?

Vigore is the most advanced ED Treatment by Renova using LIWST (low intensity sound wave technology) ‘shockwaves.’

The treatment is:

  • Safe
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Only 4 treatments of 20 minutes each

The treatment involves low-intensity shockwaves (similar to ultrasound waves) which are focused onto the treatment area – stimulating the treated tissue to grow new micro-blood vessels. Research suggests that the improved micro-vessel network increases the blood supply to the erectile tissue, resulting in an improved erection quality.


vigoreAm I suitable For Vigore?

Candover offers a Vigore screening consultation for erectile dysfunction with our Private GP, who will be able to assess whether you are suitable for Vigore treatment. Some factors which cause erectile dysfunction are not treatable using Vigore and can be treated via direct referral to psychosexual counselling where appropriate.



For more information, please download the brochures below on Vigore

vigore-innovative-treatment                                             vigore-brochure

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 01256 315010 or email today.

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