Pioneering Prostate Treatment that Could Help Thousands of Men

A pioneering treatment that could help thousands of men suffering with enlarged prostates has been approved by NICE – thanks to work carried out by doctors at our Trust.

Rezum is a treatment that uses small amounts of steam to cause an enlarged prostate to shrink, easing symptoms such as difficulty passing water and needing to visit the toilet more frequently and with more urgency. It can be carried out under local anaesthetic and has less risk of the side effects associated with more invasive surgical treatments.

Rezum has been trialled at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital over the past year and a study followed the recovery of 79 men following steam treatment. It showed that the treatment significantly improved urinary symptoms six months after having the procedure. The findings also showed little risk of incontinence, sexual dysfunction or bleeding, which can be side effects of surgical treatment, while re-treatment rates were low.

This exciting new treatment provides men with an alternative to the conventional options which are medication (poorly tolerated and with side-effects) or surgery (often an operation called TURP) which is expensive and is associated with a risk of significant collateral damage. This is a very common condition which rivals arthritis as an illness afflicting ageing men. Over 50% of men over the age of 50 have symptoms due to enlargement of the prostate. It can also give rise to symptoms in younger men. Of course many men worry that their urinary symptoms may be due to prostate cancer.

Richard Hindley, lead urologist at our Trust, carried out the first Rezum treatment in the UK. He said: “Rezum getting NICE approval is fantastic news for men across the country.”

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