As Candover is only a few years old, we always have lots of news and developments that we want to proudly share with you all

Osteotomy Around the Knee

Osteotomy around the knee is a surgical realignment procedure that can be considered for patients suffering from painful arthritis in one region of their knee. Outcomes from osteotomy can often be better than joint replacement surgery, and the procedure has the added advantage of maintaining the existing joint. It may also be appropriate for patients deemed ‘too young’ for joint replacement.   In Basingstoke we are the UK-leading osteotomy centre, and provide a world class service, lead by Mr Mike Risebury and Mr Sam Yasen. The unit functions as an international teaching centre, with surgeons across the globe visiting and learning here.   To see if this procedure may benefit you, call 01256 315010 to book an... read more

Cardiac MRI: The Basics

On Saturday March 24th 2018, HHFT held their first cardiac MRI teaching course at the Candover Clinic. The course was open to all staff from HHFT interested in cardiac MRI and was organised and hosted by Dr Michaela Scheuermann-Freestone, Consultant Cardiologist and Head of Non-invasive Cardiac Imaging at the Trust, and Des Naidoo, Clinical Excellence and Quality Assurance Lead in MRI, together with industry support from Bayer and Siemens. 21 participants from Radiology and Cardiology attended a morning of lectures at the Candover Clinic, given by renowned specialists in cardiac MRI, covering safety aspects, physics and basic cardiac anatomy, before learning more about pathophysiology, tissue characteristics and stress imaging of the heart.  After lunch, there was interactive live scanning done demonstrating normal and pathological cardiac anatomy, function, blood flow and heart muscle characteristics. The course received excellent feedback from all participants – and clearly, both the content of the course as well as the atmosphere and facilities at the Candover Clinic contributed to this. The team around Dr Scheuermann-Freestone and Des Naidoo plan to hold this event as a yearly national and international course open to all medical staff interested in cardiac MRI with the next course anticipated to run in spring... read more


Endometriosis is a common condition affecting women of reproductive age. If you have pelvic pain, painful periods or difficulty in getting pregnant there is a significant chance you might have endometriosis. Endometriosis is the presence of the womb lining outside the womb. This causes inflammation further leading to pain and formation of scar tissue. Symptoms may vary throughout the menstrual cycle. The most common ones are pain during your period, during sex, when passing urine or opening your bowels, or difficulty in getting pregnant. Less common symptoms include fatigue, bloating and/or bleeding in the urine or the stools, especially during your period. Diagnosing endometriosis can be very difficult. The reason for this is that its symptoms may overlap with many other causes of pain. As well as this, the gold standard of diagnosis is a diagnostic laparoscopy which can only be carried out by a specialist. There are many treatment options available, both medical and surgical. The aim is to listen to your symptoms, tailor the treatment to your personal needs and make the symptoms and therefore your quality of life much better. For more information or if you think you have the symptoms of endometriosis call 01256 315010 to arrange an appointment with our lead of minimal access for gynaecology and lead of endometriosis, Mr George... read more

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