As Candover is only a few years old, we always have lots of news and developments that we want to proudly share with you all

Recently recognised as one of the country’s top consultants, Mr Michael Risebury

The daily mail have identified the country’s top orthopaedic consultants, as judged by their peers. Mr Risebury was described as “an excellent surgeon, recognised as an expert in early interventions such as osteotomy.”   Mr Risebury, Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon specialises in knee revision, ligament repair and sports injuries at Candover Clinic   To read the full article visit   To book an appointment with Mr Risebury at the Candover Clinic call 01256... read more

Don’t Suffer in Silence

10 good reasons why it might be time to seek the expert opinion of a specialist ENT practitioner   The prioritisation of different aspects of healthcare areas in the UK means that the treatment of common ENT conditions may soon no longer be funded by the NHS. Chronic tonsillitis, nasal obstruction and cosmetic deformities, for example, are just some of the conditions that can be treated successfully, but you may need to find your own specialist doctor. Here are 10 conditions that would benefit from prompt and expert ENT care: 1. Snoring Often a cause of stress in the home, but rarely serious, snoring can be a warning sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. It may be associated with sleep apnoea, in which periods of snoring are interrupted by long gaps in breathing. This can lead to sleepiness during the day, headaches and, if severe, an increased risk of heart and lung disease. Surgery is not the only option as there are some very effective non-invasive treatments available. 2. Hearing loss The frustration of not quite hearing what was said is common and cannot be underestimated. It may be caused by a simple issue, such as wax blocking the ears, or there could be some damage to the eardrum or the small bones in the middle ear. In a single visit, the wax can be safely removed using a microscope and suction and a hearing test will establish the diagnosis. Surgery may be an option, but age-related deterioration needs early fitting of hearing aids to avoid the hearing part of the brain from shutting down. 3. Tinnitus Most of us... read more

Osteotomy Around the Knee

Osteotomy around the knee is a surgical realignment procedure that can be considered for patients suffering from painful arthritis in one region of their knee. Outcomes from osteotomy can often be better than joint replacement surgery, and the procedure has the added advantage of maintaining the existing joint. It may also be appropriate for patients deemed ‘too young’ for joint replacement.   In Basingstoke we are the UK-leading osteotomy centre, and provide a world class service, lead by Mr Mike Risebury and Mr Sam Yasen. The unit functions as an international teaching centre, with surgeons across the globe visiting and learning here.   To see if this procedure may benefit you, call 01256 315010 to book an... read more

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