Private GP Appointments and Fees


dsc_0230aThe Private General Practice service at the Candover Clinic offers flexible pre-bookable appointments for both adults and children on weekdays and Saturdays.  Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A standard consultation is 20 minutes. Extended consultations are also available. On your first visit please arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete your initial registration. To book an appointment please call or text 07867 768582 or email


All fees are due on the day of your appointment and payments should be made directly to Candover Clinic and are subject to terms and conditions.

GP Consultations
Under 18 £55
Adult £80
Telephone Consultation £40
Vaccination Consultation Under 18 £30
Vaccination Consultation Adult £60


Prescription with Consultation Free*
Repeat prescription £8*

*For a Private prescription you will be asked to pay the cost of the drug, not your usual prescription charge. Some common drugs can be cheaper on a private prescription than the NHS prescription fee. The pharmacist may add a charge to process a private prescription.

Medical Reports £180
Insurance Reports £180
Health Screening Various


Women’s Health
Smear Test £155
Coil fitting procedure £120
In addition to the coil fitting procedure, there is a charge for the coil
Mirena coil £110
Kyleena coil £110
Jaydess coil £95
Copper coil £18
Coil removal* £60
Hormonal implant: removal, fitting or removal and replacement £80
Nexplanon implant £105

*Removal charge not applicable if replacement is fitted.

Coil/Implant Fitting Packages
Mirena coil £230
Kyleena coil £230
Jaydess coil £215
Copper coil £138
Nexplanon implant £185


Meningitis B Vaccination per dose £115
Children under the age of 2 require a second dose at 8-10 weeks + an annual booster
Children over the age of 2 require two doses 8-10 weeks apart
Chicken Pox Vaccination per dose £55
Two doses are required 6-8 weeks apart
Shingles Vaccination £160
Meningitis W Vaccination £45
Vaccination Consultation applies for each visit* £30

*A reduced consultation fee for vaccinations is available for siblings attending the same appointment. Adult vaccination consultation cost is £60

Vaccination Packages

Chicken Pox Vaccination (two doses)
1 child £170
2 children £310
3 children £450
4 children £590


Meningitis B Vaccination Children under the age of 2 (three doses) Children over the age of 2 (two doses)
1 child £435 £290
2 children £825 £550
3 children £810
4 children £1070

To arrange an appointment please call or text 07867 768582 or email